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INFINITY: The science of wellbeing.


Infinity is a new brand of premium CBD infused products, and it’s a brand like no other. Why? It has to do with its founder’s background. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur that operated a number of businesses, Billy had spent over 15 years in biomedical science, including a Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine, years of working for the NHS and in molecular medicine research. In addition, his lifelong interest in martial arts had taught him the value of investing in one’s health and wellbeing. So, when it came to his own brand of CBD products, he naturally took a strictly scientific approach and refused to cut corners when it came to quality.



The beginning of Infinity


Every great story has a muse: the inspiration behind it. For Billy, it all started with a life - changing event when one of his close friends, Jo, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. While Jo went through numerous tests and chemotherapy, her health improve somewhat — but her quality of life took a nosedive. Jo’s body was fighting cancer so hard, there was no energy left for anything else. She’d always loved being around family and friends, but now her quality time was stolen by pain and fatigue brought on by the treatment. 


Then her doctor recommended CBD oil for stress relief. Always the sceptical one, Jo had to research it before trying. Luckily, there were enough scientific studies to persuade her. The first bottle arrived, and soon Jo was raving about CBD to anyone who would listen (and those who wouldn’t, to be honest). More importantly, the entire group of friends could see the results themselves: their old Jo was back, and full of life again. The only problem, she said, was buying CBD oil online. There were simply too many different brands making different claims. It was confusing, and she didn’t know who to trust. That's when she asked Billy to look into it as a scientist.


A science project like no other


Billy had never thought his 15 years in biomedicine would come in handy under those circumstances, and yet there he was studying the production of CBD oil, feeling a bit like Walter White (just without the illegal drugs and shootouts). 


Instantly, he could see why Jo felt confused. CBD oil isn’t a medicine, it’s a supplement — so the industry isn’t regulated. The majority of producers were making false claims, from ‘organic’ to ‘lab grade’, and charging prices that made no sense given the high cost of raw produce, making him doubt the true contents of their product. There was only one thing to do: make his own. 


That’s how Billy set off on his journey to Infinity, with a single priority in mind: quality. This approach came naturally, both on a scientific and a human level: when you’re trying to help a terminally ill friend, you don’t cut corners.


The pay-off / Good things come to those who can’t wait


It was a steep learning curve, but time was of the essence — and soon enough he was holding the first bottle of Infinity. Jo tried it and loved it. Other family and friends got curious, too – after all, no one is immune to stress and anxiety, and they can bring down even the healthiest of us. People were feeling the results, and Billy felt immensely proud knowing that he could offer them a product they could trust wholeheartedly. He had researched the CBD industry, so they didn’t have to. He had obsessed over every step of the process himself, so there was nothing for them to worry about. He had worked exclusively with GMP and ISO certified manufacturers using only the highest quality raw produce. Nothing had been left to chance, and the result was worth it.


Billy had created Infinity for Jo (who has since beaten cancer), which meant he had made it the best it could be. And after all that work, he thought it would be a shame not to share. So now you, too, can let Infinity help you live life to the full:


Feel good. Achieve more.